Welcome to the official home of Skyrunning in Australia & New Zealand


Welcome to Skyrunning Australia & New Zealand. Skyrunning. In its purest form it is athlete against the mountain with the sole purpose of ascending and descending some of the most rugged and spectacular terrain found on the highest mountains around the continent as quickly and safely as possible.

The purpose of this association is to grow the participation of Skyracing within the Asia Pacific region and to represent the needs of the International Skyrunning Federation at a local level.  Skyrunning Australia & New Zealand will operate as a not for profit organisation. This is for the benefit of athletes, sponsors, race directors and other ancillary supporters of the sport that aims to take athletes higher than anywhere else on the continent.

In July 2013 Skyrunning Australia & New Zealand was admitted as a full voting member onto the International Skyrunning Federation panel of member nations. We aim to attract and represent the worlds elite trail and mountain runners, allowing them to compete over some of the most demanding courses yet developed where athletes will get to test themselves against the very best competition and of course the mountains themselves.

There will be 3 main areas of focus for the association – firstly to promote, develop and recognise true Skyrunning  events across the two countries. For athletes by athletes. The purest form of mountain running, no fuss, up and down as quickly and safely as possible.

Secondly – to start to generate a series of events that captures the true essence of Skyrunning and to identify and award local champions in our region to represent the region at a global level.

Finally, we will utilise the local and global network of Skyrunners to further grow and expand the sport by increasing participation, education, research and enjoyment of the mountains in a safe and competitive manner.